Gioele La Manno

I lead the laboratory of Neurodevelopmental Systems Biology at EPFL, where I have been appointed the first ELIFR Scholar. I earned my PhD at Karolinska Instituet under the supervision of Prof. Sten Linnarsson. My original training is in Biotechnology (BSc at University of Palermo) and Biomedicine (MSc at Karolinska Institute). My research has been focused on understanding brain development. I am particularly interested in describing the sequence of states that embryonic stem cells go through during their differentiation towards mature cell types. I have been tackling this question using machine learning tools on the wealth of data provided by single cell RNA sequencing, a technique I have been working with and developing since its early times. I develop computational approaches to analyse differentiation both in vitro and in vivo. My latest technique "RNA velocity" reveals the dynamics of the transcriptome a the single cell level and it is helping the community to study fate choice and commitment.