Andrey Panteleyev

Dr. Panteleyev is the head of the Tissue engineering laboratory in the National Research Center “Kurchatov institute” (Moscow, Russia) and the vice president of the Russian Society of Hair Research. He has graduated from the Moscow University with majors in Zoology, Evolution and Ecology and have started his research career in the Russian Academy of Science, studying comparative skin morphology and mammalian skin adaptation to the environment. Later, he participated in multiple field visits to the Agent Orange-treated areas of South Vietnam where he studied skin effects of dioxin exposure and molecular mechanisms of dioxin toxicity. He continued these studies in the Dept. of Dermatology, Virchow Clinic, Berlin, using hairless mice as a research model, and since that time the nature of hairlessness in mice and men as well as the basic principles of hair follicle functioning became one of the major interests of his research. Dr. Panteleyev’s work in Columbia University (1998-2007), University of Dundee (2008-2012) and now in Kurchatov institute (since 2013) is focused on the role of micro- and macro-environmental factors such as xenobiotics and hypoxia in epithelial regeneration, development, senescence and disease. Applied studies include skin bioengineering for medical applications, drug testing and disease modelling.