Ncoza Dlova

Ncoza Dlova is an Associate Professor, Chief Specialist and Head of Dermatology at the NRMSM where she trained for both her under and postgraduate studies and was awarded her PhD in 2015. She co-ordinates undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research programmes within the department. Dlova has supervised and co-supervised many Masters students and has a number of research collaborations with international colleagues. In Jan 2018, Dlova was appointed as Dean and Head of School of Clinical Medicine at UKZN and is the first African Woman to hold this post in the 70yr history of UKZN Medical School. She is also the first Dermatologist in South Africa to be appointed to a position of a Dean in the country. Her research interests are on: Ethnic Skin and Hair, Pigmentation disorders, as well as HIV and Skin and has more than 60 peer reviewed scientific publications. She is a C 1 rated NRF researcher and contributed more than 8 chapters in major dermatology textbooks, written 3 books on dermatology and presented in more than 20 countries as an invited speaker and chair at international dermatology meetings. The C 1 rating is for established researchers with a sustained recent record of productivity in the field who are recognised by their peers as having: produced a body of quality work, the core of which has coherence and attests to ongoing engagement with the field and also to researchers who have demonstrated the ability to conceptualise problems and apply research methods to investigating them. The NRF’s rating system involves a rigorous process and is a key driver in its aim to build a globally competitive science system in South Africa, benchmarking the quality of the country’s researchers against the very best in the world. In May 2018 she was listed amongst the Top Ten Publishers at the school of clinical medicine. She is the inaugural President of the newly formed Women’s Dermatological Society of South Africa (WDS-SA) (2015-2017) and established the Dermatology Registrar Association of SA (DRASA) whose aim is to guide and mentor dermatology registrars in SA. She is the Executive member of the African Society of Dermatology and Venereology (ASDV) and has been instrumental in establishing the African Society of Dermatology in 2016. In 2015, the Minister of health in Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) awarded the Dermatology Department under her leadership as one of the Public Centres of Excellence in KZN after she raised funds to the value of R500 000 to refurbish the dilapidated public hospital skin clinic, creating a conducive environment for the patients and staff of the dermatology department. In 2016 and 2017 she partnered with Direct Relief and Unilever Healing Project wherein funds to the value of R900 000 and R500 00 respectively were provided to train doctors and nurses in KZN and Eastern Cape on basic dermatology. In 2016 Dlova was elected as the international member of the prestigious American Dermatology Association in recognition of her research, local and international contribution to Dermatology and was inaugurated in Boston July 2017. In 2018 she has been appointed as the member of the International Committee for the American Womens Dermatology Society. In 2018 she continues to make strides as the Dean of the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine and has already made inroads to create a conducive environment for the Clinicians by partnering with Investec to create a clinician and academics lounge at the Medical school, where none existed before, making it difficult for doctors to interact to discuss about matters of mutual interest and interdisciplinary research collaborations. She is the President of the combined DSSA/ASDV national and continental congress which will be held in Durban, August 2018. In 2018, Dlova launched the first comprehensive dermatology handbook for Africa and this will be the prescribed textbook for all undergraduate medical schools in SA.